Behavioural Issues

With the joy of dog ownership comes responsibility. If your dog accompanies you in public or you frequently have company you will want to be confident that your dog will not jump up at or act aggressively towards other people and animals.

Imagine having such control that your dog will walk to heal, will come when called (even off lead), will instantly respond to sit, down and stay commands, and won't bark unnecessarily at passing people, cars and bikes.

If you are having difficulty with your dog's behaviour one of the best steps you can take is enrolling in obedience classes. Your dog will learn how to behave in certain situations as well as how to respond to given commands. Training can also help break bad habits your dog may have that is affecting his or her behaviour.

I bought my first dog to WCOC for training over 30 years ago and I am back again with my latest puppy. It is so much easier to train in a group under the guidance of experienced trainers no matter how many years of dog ownership you have.



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