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Vaccinations & Health

My puppy has one more vaccination remaining - can I start training now?

We will accept puppies into our classes that have just one vaccination remaining. However, as we train outdoors we cannot guarantee a sterile training environment we recommend you seek advice from your veterinarian before registering.

What about Titer Test Results Instead?

If your veterinarian can provide a written assessment with titre test results of the duration of protection remaining this may be accepted in lieu of a current vaccination.

Without a validity period, a titer test cannot be accepted as replacement for vaccination.

Excepting above, all dogs of 6 months + must be fully vaccinated to be able to attend classes and enter club grounds.

Kennel Cough

If your dog develops kennel cough, to prevent spreading the inspection to other dogs you must stay away from training until your dog has been symptom free for a full week. We recommend you isolate your dog at home during this period for the good of all dogs in the community at large.

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Your trainer will provide you with a copy of class email/s so you can keep up your training at home.

Bitches in Season

Bitches in season cannot attend club premises as this extremely disruptive to entire males. Expect a season to last for approximately 3 weeks.

Your trainer will provide you with a copy of class email/s so you can keep up your training at home.


My dog can already sit, down, stay, come when called and walk nicely on a lead - can I start at a higher grade?

If your dog has not attended training at a Dogs NZ Affiliated Club beyond grade 1, the correct class to start in is grade 1. While a dog may perform beautifully at home with little or no distraction it is usually quite different in a group environment.

I see you have a course that has already started - can I join part way through?

As it is disruptive to other dogs in a class to introduce new dogs part way through the course we strongly recommend against late starts. Further, our courses always sell out ahead of course start date.

How many classes do I need to attend to pass a course?

We do not require you to attend all classes in the course however the more regularly you can attend (and of course maintain practice at home) the better chance you will have of passing grade assessment at the end of the course. You will need to meet the grade standard to be eligible to advance to the next grade.

What times and days of the week are training classes held?

Classes are held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Not all classes will operate on these days. Classes offered are subject to availability of our trainers who are unpaid volunteers.

What is a typical class size?

Our maximum class size is 10 dogs per instructor and we operate up to 4 classes at a time.

Can my partner and I both participate in training?

As long as each handler is a member ($30 each per calendar year) we welcome and encourage all members of your household to participate in training.


We cannot provide a refund of course payment within 3 days of course date commencement nor after course has started (regardless of reasons advised) as by this time we are unable to replace your booking with another candidate. Therefore, please carefully consider before booing whether group training, periodic off site training (away from club) and class times will suit you and your dog.

Is individual training available?

As we are limited by both our operating hours and number of trainers who are all volunteers we are not able to offer individual training.

What grade pass is recognised by the Council for their Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO)?

Wellington City Council recognises a pass at our grade 2 level for their Responsible Dog Ownership program. Applications for RDO must be received by Wellington City Council by 30 April ahead of annual registration period of 1 July to 30 June.

COVID Levels

Our club can only operate in person training at COVID Levels 1 and 2. Should COVID levels change during your course, training will continue in a digital mode (any of email, videos and zoom) and grading assessment will be provided once we are back in Level 1 or 2. No refund will be provided as a result of the alert level change.

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