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Entry requirements: For puppies under 6 months of age at course start date.

* Puppies may attend with one vaccination remaining, however, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian before registering as we train outdoors and therefore cannot provide a sterile training environment.

Course content: Controlled walking on a lead, socialisation, sit, down and information on dog care.


Grade 1

Entry requirements: For dogs/puppies 6 months plus at course start date. No exceptions.

Course end assessment: Controlled walking, straight and right turns, sit and downs, and recall on lead.


Grade 2

Entry requirements: Passed grade 1 at a Dogs NZ Affiliated Club. Training at any other establishment requires entry into grade 1.

Course end assessment: Controlled walking, straight, right and left turns, sit stays (30 seconds) and down stays (1 minute), recall on lead.


Senior Obedience

Entry requirements: Grade 2 graduate. No exceptions.

Course content: Our senior domestic class is for those who seek to continue on with training. This class includes the Canine Good Basics syllabus (CGB), intro to close heelwork, stay proofing, increased off lead work, recall refinement and fun exercises such as weaving, basic tricks, etc.

The course is 8 weeks in duration - there is no graduation assessment (although the Canine Good Basics exam can be arranged when you are ready) - and can be repeated as desired. This class is designed to be a gateway to Canine Good Citizen and / or Competition classes (see info below).


Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Entry requirements: Grade 2 (or higher) graduate and dog aged a minimum of 1 year at course start.

Intro course syllabus covers CGC Foundation and Bronze Levels.

Advances course syllabus  covers CGC Silver & Gold levels.

The Black Hawk Canine Good Citizen TM (BHCGC) Test is a certification program that tests dogs in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed atmosphere. It identifies and rewards dogs that have the training and demeanour to be reliable family members as well as good-standing community members.  Click here for more information on Canine Good Citizen.

The course is run in 8 week blocks and there is no graduation assessment as Canine Good Citizen is externally assessed. To be ready for for external assessment typically requires 6 - 12 moths of training so you will need to participate in a number of 8 week training blocks.

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Course description:  If you are interested in competing with your dogs this class will teach you techniques to place and win in obedience competitions - Ribbon Trials and Champ Tests.

Focus is on close heeling, precision recalls, robust stays, retrieve and hold. As the class progresses beyond beginners competition level the exercises will change accordingly.

The courses are 8 weeks in duration and there is no graduation assessment. It is recommended that those actively competing repeat this course to keep up their competition preparedness.

Intro & advanced class levels. Intro is for those yet to commence competing. Advanced level is for those already competing at Championship shows.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated (refer FAQs) and up-to-date with their vaccinations to attend training. Class duration is approx 45 minutes.

All classes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Up to 4 classes may be run at the same time.

Please view our FAQ page for more information.


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