Club Information

Things you need to know

Tea and coffee are available in the kitchen. Please wash, dry and put away your mug after use.

Toilets are at the southern end of the main building.

Bitches in season are not allowed in the club grounds.

If at any time first aid is required, there is a first aid kit in the kitchen..

All members may use the phone if needed - local landline calls only.

Please toilet dogs before coming to class, but also bring a plastic bag in order to clean up after your dog, should it be necessary.

All dogs must be kept on a lead unless doing off-lead work in class.

Please park at the top of the drive. Parking down the drive is reserved for instructors.

Training is held wet or fine.

Dogs are to be stopped from barking to avoid upsetting close neighbours.

Participants are requested to arrive a few minutes early to assist in setting up the equipment and will be expected to assist in dismantling equipment and returning it to the garage.


Only handlers and dogs permitted in training areas. 
There is a covered viewing area in front of the clubrooms for additional family members and friends.


A minimum of 6 lessons must be attended for you to be eligible for a certificate at the end of the course.

Please familiarise yourself with emergency procedures for evacuation of club house, grounds and assembly areas in case of emergency.

The Executive, Committee Members, Instructors etc. are all unpaid volunteers who give freely of their time for the benefit of the club.

Woof woof. So many dogs to play with - I'm in heaven. It's my favourite place to visit. My owner seems keen to take me every Sunday. She laughs a lot and I'm getting a lot more pats and treats as I'm understanding what she wants me to do now. I feel like the luckiest dog alive.

Mac (The Sproodle)


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