Private Dog Training Specialists

Some dogs may require one on one training before they are ready for a group training environment. Wellington Canine Obedience Club recommends the below trainers.

Sonia Calvert

Pet Pro Trainer

I have a booking system and usually have availability within 2 weeks or so but can be flexible with urgent cases and with ability to do a remote starting session just to get started if appointments are slim.

I specialise in Reactivity and Anxiety and am a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer) since 2020. I also teach Agility and Hoopers, less for competition that for enhancing teamwork, confidence and flexibility. I will however lend my hand towards any behavioural issue or training task as required and have done some cat dog intro type sessions and RG /aggression issues as well.

I am based in Island Bay but will travel to clients in home (usually for initial assessments) as far as Porirua and Lower Hutt as well as all Wellington surrounding suburbs. We meet in home or on location dependent on the training required and what suits the client most.

Abi Chilcott

Cosy Critters

My availability varies but from initial enquiry I can usually see people within 1-2 weeks. I try to stick to Monday to Friday but I can be flexible if required.

I would say the majority of my clients are reactive or anxious dogs, over excited aroused dogs with nowhere to channel it or just general adolescent challenges. I personally train in tracking/working trials, agility, gundog field trials and scentwork and so I have a few sport clients too.

I typically go to the clients home for the first session and then depending on the challenge we either continue to work from there’s or out in the real world at a location that suits us both


Annie Thorne

Your Whole Dog

I see clients during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I usually have appointments available within 2-3 weeks. I'm based in Wellington, and cover most of the Wellington area.

I usually go to them for in-home visits, although I do have premises at home that I can use if we need a different location for any reason.

I take a wide variety of cases, although my specialist interest is in helping fearful, anxious dogs gain confidence and life skills, and cooperative care training. Ensuring our dogs are healthy and their needs are being met is my priority.

I'm a certified fitness trainer and massage therapist, and so I use these skills to assess movement and posture which often identifies underlying physical issues which can contribute to behavioural concerns.

Lucy Anderson

Confident Canines

I have spent many years working with animals in various roles. I have a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Psychology and a Diploma of Applied Science. I have studied, and continue to study, to increase my knowledge of animals and animal behaviour particularly dogs. I am a Fear Free Certified Professional, Low Stress Handling Certified, have completed the KPA Better Veterinary visits and am a member of APDTNZ.

Building a strong relationship and understanding your dog should be essential parts of dog training. I focus on these areas as well as human factors which influence this relationship.

My methods are based in science and learning theory. Positive reinforcement methods are used.


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